14th July, 2014

My very last pre-departure day! REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!

I had a farewell party on Saturday (12th July) with all my family and friends and it was a wonderful evening but also very tearful! They were all very creative so that I’ve many little keepsakes from everyone! Since this evening there’s a weird feeling inside and I’m asking myself “why do you do that?!” There are so man ups and downs and I just can’t control it. So my last night in Germany was very crazy: There were the doubts but at the same time Germany won the football championship 2014!!! So I was a little bit torn by my feelings.


I thought I won’t get sleep that night but in fact I slept through the whole night!

But today will be a hard day! In exactly 9½ hours my plane takes off to a long and hopefully amazing adventure and I’m really scared of saying goodbye at the airport and leaving my family and friends and especially my cat! This will be the hardest part I think but it was my choice and I know why I’m doing it:

It’s my dream! That’s why I’m trying to keep my head up!


To my family and friends: I love you all so much, thank you for being a part of my life!


9th July, 2014

5 DAYS!!! I can’t believe it. Yesterday I had a farewell party in the dance school with the kids from my children’s dance group and that was so sad! But they designed a T-shirt for me on whom every child signed with their name or with a drawing, so that I’ve something to take with me. Today I had a skype with my hostfamily in the morning and now I feel much better because I saw what awaits me and that’s so helpful during the “farewell time”. I also started packing and it’s really hard to decide which clothes have to stay in Germany. The weight is not a big problem, but the space! So I bought two vacuum bags for my clothes and I hope it’ll help!
AND!!! Germany won the semifinal of the world cup against Brazil! 1:7 Amazing night!

4th July, 2014

Exactly 10 days until my departure and prompt I got mail from AIFS: I got my e-ticket for the flight! Now I’m only waiting for my AIFS t-shirt which will identify me and the other au pairs at the airport so that we can find each other. That’s all so exciting! There’s really nothing more to do but waiting now because I bought all the little things I needed yesterday. So I’m only waiting for packing my suitcase!


Oh! And my new Gopro hero 3+ silver edition arrived! After the first test run I’m really happy about the decision to buy this expensive action camera. I think it will record my action activities very well!

29th June, 2014

I had a really hard weekend this week. On Friday I had Prom and it really was a wonderful night and I had much fun with my family and my friends! We went home late and I had to get up early on Saturday because there was the information day of AIFS – perfect combination! The information day was really helpful, but I already knew the majority of the things they told so sometimes it was a little bit boring for me. But we also talked to the returnees and this was really helpful because my departure is in two weeks now and they allayed my doubts of the first get-together with the family and of the first few weeks. I also firstly met a girl with whom I've written for a few weeks now and with whom I’ll fly to New Zealand. We talked a lot and I really like her, so I hope we will have a great time together because she’ll also live in Auckland for one year.
But that was just the half of my weekend! On Saturday evening I had a performance with my dance group so I was out a long time again. This morning I had a little sore throat and it’s not all gone yet. I hope I won’t get ill!
Oh! I forgot something: I got a little present from a good friend, because he thought I need it when I go to New Zealand. It’s the flag of New Zealand!!!

23rd June, 2014

Exactly 3 weeks until my departure! Slowly a weird feeling comes up because I’m afraid to miss everything at home so much that I will not be happy there. There’s also the fear that the family won't like me and my work so much as the current au Pair.
I think these are normal feelings in this situation but it’s really hard to go through it.
I really hope that everyone who is very important to me now, stays during the year and will still be in my life after this long time!

I'm afraid of the thought that they may will be gone after it.

18th June, 2014

Jeeejjj!!! I passed my last exam today and I’m so happy because I was really good in talking French and in solving the exercises.
I’m really happy that every exam is over now and there’s nothing more to do but waiting for the day of departure.

12th June, 2014

Funny news! My mom always says that I should be careful in horseback riding because an accident would be horrible now. And guess what happened? An accident! But it didn’t happen while riding but while dancing. My partner stepped on my foot and now it’s swollen and blue. But it’s nothing worse it will be better in a few days! I think it’s funny that it happened while dancing.
AND!!! Today I got my last exam date for the oral examination. It will be on Wednesday and I’m so nervous because I’ll have to talk French during the exam. Cross your fingers!

5th June, 2014

I passed my A-levels!!! Today we got the marks of the final exams and I already passed without doing the oral examination yet. This examination will be in ca. 2 weeks and I’m really nervous. But there’s nothing more that can stop me now from going to New Zealand! I’m so happy today!

30th May, 2014

My new backpack from Samsonite has just arrived! At first it seems really small but when I started to put in my whole stuff it’s amazing how much capacity it has. I’m completely satisfied. Now there are only 3 things to buy: the presents for the family, an external hard drive and my e-book reader.
WOW! My very last week of school is close in now and time runs faster and faster. My anticipation goes up more and more!

25th May, 2014

Wow! “50 days until Jannika goes New Zealand” I love my countdown! (Look on the right side) It just boosts my anticipation a little more and that’s so great! I know I’m so lucky to go on this adventure and I’m really thankful for this gift!
There are just 3 more things on my to-do-list: a Backpack for the flight, the e-book reader and a credit card. Tomorrow I’ll go to my bank to get information about the credit card I need for New Zealand.
I hope time goes by fast next week!

22nd May, 2014

I know it’s been ten days now but there’s nothing much to tell you. There are only 8 days of school yet! That’s a strange feeling because this is the moment I worked for since I started going to school but it’s also the last step of “childhood”. After 13 years of school I should be ready for the “world outside” and the “adult-life”...I’m not sure if anyone could ever feel ready for this step but I will see if I am ready when I’m in New Zealand.
I am so happy to go there soon! I couldn’t stand more time of waiting!

12th May, 2014

Today was stressful!

At the beginning I was told to fly from Frankfurt to Auckland so I booked the feeder from Hamburg to Frankfurt and already paid it. But today I got a call from AIFS that the flight from Frankfurt to Auckland is overbooked and I could fly directly from Hamburg. On the one hand I am happy because there is no time of waiting in Frankfurt but on the other hand it’s a little bit annoying because I have to cancel the feeder and I sure won’t get all the money back.
But a positive fact of it is also that the girl I was meant to fly with from Frankfurt also changed to the flight from Hamburg. So I already know someone I start up my adventure with.
So all in all it’s not that negative than I thought this morning when I got the call.

9th May, 2014

Indescribable feelings!
Today I got Mail from the immigration department of New Zealand and the sentence “We are pleased to advise that your application for a work visa under the Working Holiday Scheme has been approved” brought me just a special exciting feeling which words cannot describe.
I’m so happy that this step is done and now there’s nothing more that could ruin my plans and dreams.

5th May, 2014

Today I applied for my Visa. It took circa one hour to answer all the questions but it was pretty easy because everything was explained detailed. Now I have to wait…

But there’s enough to do for school this week, so I hope waiting is not that hard and boring.

2nd May, 2014

Today was so exciting:

My suitcase arrived and I’m so happy with it!

It’s my second suitcase from Samsonite and I love them! Samsonite is great!

They’re just of such a good quality and the weight is low, so you can take many things with you.

Furthermore I bought my new Bridge-camera together with my father today. I chose the Finepix HS35EXR from Fujifilm because it’s the only one with a manual zoom in this section of digital cameras.

My to-do-list gets shorten…

I'm so lucky!

Everything is amazing today!

24th April, 2014

After speaking with the current Au Pair in New Zealand I made a list with all the things I need before I start my journey. There are some important things to do like insurances, the visa and the suitcase. But there are also many “little” things to buy like a new raincoat, a new camera and an e-book reader. Today I bought the raincoat here in Denmark at a Jack Wolfskin outlet store. So the first point of my list is already done.

19th April 2014

I’m on holiday in Denmark with my family now. The last holiday before my adventure starts!
It’s a strange feeling because I’m really looking forward to my gap year but it’s also sad to be without my family for this year. So it’s a special time for me now with my family. I’ll enjoy this week!

14th April, 2014

I got my family match today! Woohoo! I’m just so happy.
It was my first Skype-call with a family and some other Au Pairs told me to skype with another family just to know who else is interested in me. But in fact I had the special feeling which I can’t put into words. It was like I’m already home there and they were so personable, honest and caring and I could feel that they meant all the things they told me. I’m so excited now and in exactly 3 months I’ll sit in the airplane to Auckland…Wow! Incrediblefeeling!

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