my name is Jannika, I am 19 years old and I come from Germany.


I am in my last year of school now and will pass my A-levels in June 2014.


I am sick of everyday life at school and want to discover new things far away from home.

My dream

Shortly after starting my experiences with children during an internship in a kindergarten, I knew that I want to work with children and want to support them in growing up.

New Zealand has always been one of my dream destinations but for a long time I thought it would be to expensive to travel there.

I started to inform myself about stays abroad because I wanted to take a gap year between high school and university.

It didn't take long until I came upon Au Pair organisations which combined my love for children and my dream of travelling overseas.

When I realized that a stay in New Zealand is not more expensive than a stay in the US or Australia, my plans were fixed and my dream of becoming an Au Pair in New Zealand started to get real.

Any Questions?

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